Aug 19, 2012

Admission Info!

A student looking forward to studying in de'Montmorency College of Dentistry : 

"what is this web page? well who cares its funnnyyyyy!!! it has every thing except guidance. the college should enroll more students 80 is sooooooooo littleeee!!! 
is the cafe good? 
any hostel? 
most importantly is there a dracula for warden or a human? and u know wat i mean" 

- sana

So many emails and comments on random posts by random people, each asking about admission criteria and about how good or bad the college is. It's about time I should answer the already adjudicated query.

WHAT IS THE ADMISSION CRITERIA? is a blog, limited to session 2009-13, run by a student of the said college. We are not the management or the administration. In fact, we don't know of any administration online. So, In case most of the people haven't already read that in the disclaimer, we wouldn't know the admission criteria and how it changes. 

In our knowledge, University of Health Sciences deals with the admissions in our college. They conduct an entry test, MCAT, which is meant for admissions in both medical and dental colleges in Punjab. Any inquiry about nature of the test and criteria for foreign students can be found on their website. They have a well established online website. 

About the very interesting comment,

Is the cafe good? 
If you have ever been to the cafeterias next to the railway station in Lahore, and you think those cafeterias are good, then our cafeteria is in competition.

Any hostel?
Hassan Raza Hostel, Anarkali.

Dracula thingy?
I have no idea. But I don't think there is one. Our college is very liberal about discipline. 

Do I recommend this college?
If you want to study dentistry in Lahore, or Punjab, this is the best college for that.
Reason :  More patients in our hospital = more experience.  

In less than two months.
Prof. Ah. 
I don't know what needs to be asked. 

Oh and Ramadan, the month of blessings, has come to an end. 
And UHS took away another one. Nevertheless, 


May you all have guilt-free celebrations or studying. Sigh. 
Remember me in your prayers. We all needs lots and lots of prayers.   

Till then,
Hausla Rakho.